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From @JITP_APSA's Research Notes:
"From reading comments to seeking news: exposure to disagreements from online comments and the need for opinion-challenging news"
By Dr. Mi Rosie Jahng at @waynestate
#comments #blog #online #news #exposure

Congratulations to @jesse_c_johnson, named one of the UK College of Arts & Sciences two "outstanding teachers" in the social & behavioral sciences. We'll try to get pictures from the eventual award ceremony.

🎆PSA Undergraduate Conference🎆

We have a fantastic programme this year including a panel on future careers for politics students.

📆 Friday 26th March
👉 Find out more and register via: https://www.psa.ac.uk/events/psa-annual-undergraduate-conference-2021

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Using computational simulations, @OlivierRoyBT & @soroushrrad find when "participants are strongly biased towards their own opinions, rational deliberation tends to create irrational group preferences." #APSRFirstView. #APSR #polisciresearch


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